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Gate City Property Management is dedicated to making the process of leasing your property as simple and as straightforward as possible. We offer two types of services so you choose how involved you would like to be.  Go to the Services tab for full details.




  • What are the requirements for submitting an application for a Gate City property?
    All applicants over the age of 18, planning to live on the property, must apply on-line or submit an application in the office. Non-refundable application fee of $60.00. A full credit/background check will be conducted. If an application is approved, the applicant will be notified within 2 business days. If an application is denied, you will receive a letter of explanation by mail within 10 business days.
  • What are the next steps once an application has been approved?
    Submit signed lease with full security deposit (certified funds or money order) Submit proof of utility services and renter's insurance. Schedule an appointment for key pick-up and move-in instructions.
  • Will Gate City Property Management accept Section 8 Vouchers?
    Some properties are Section 8 approved. Please contact us at to receive a list of Section 8 properties.
  • What happens if Gate City Properties received multiple applications for the same property?
    If an applicant applies for a property that has multiple pending applications, the first approved applicant that returns a signed lease with the full security deposit will be the accepted lessee.
  • What forms of payment does Gate City Properties accept?
    Application Fee - Credit Card on-line, certified funds or money order accepted in the office. Security Deposit-ONLY certified checks, certified funds or money order. Monthly Rent Payments - personal checks, certified funds or money order, ACH payments and Credit/Debit Card
  • How do I schedule an appointment to view a property available for rent?
    Please call 336-803-4800 or email us at
  • What are Gate City's Monthly Management Fees?
    Full Property management service is 10% -7% of one months rent. (Discounts are available for mulitiple properties) *Maintenance- We do not upcharge on any maintenance request. The quote we receive is the quote the owners receive. Our charges are transparent, we are not a fee based company. Call today for more information. 336-803-4800.
  • How does the application process work?
    A $60.00 application fee is collected from each applicant for the processing of a full background/credit check. After the application is processed and the background check performed, a decision will be made by our office to either approve or deny the applicant(s). If the applicant is approved, the owner will be informed once a signed lease agreement has been received and the security deposit has been paid.
  • What marketing strategies are utilized?
    All marketing strategies will be discussed with the owner before being implemented. Strategy options include: For Lease sign on and/or near the property Online websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, HotPads, Postlets and others Gate City Property Management's website Gate City will pay to promote your property on Facebook Other options will be discussed for unique circumstances
  • Do you offer multi-property discounts?
    Yes! For 1-3 properties our monthly management fee is 10%, 4-6 properties our monthly management fee is 9%, 7-9 properties our monthly management fee is 8%, 10 or more properties please contact us at 336-803-4800 or email us at
  • When do property owners receive monthly rent payments?
    Gate City Property Management will pay property owners on the 12th and 22nd of each month. If the tenant pays rent after the 9th of the month, the owner will be paid on the 22nd assuming the tenant has made their full rent payment.
  • How is maintenance taken care of
    We do offer an in-house maintenance team. If they are not able to complete the task we can also use the variety of vendors that we have on hand for the task that needs to be addressed. We will also work with owners if they prefer to have a certain type of vendor that they like using. We do not upcharge on any maintenance request. The quote we receive is the quote the owners receive. Our charges are transparent, we are not a fee-based company.
  • How often do check on the properties
    We check on the property about every 90-days. The owner will get an inspection report from Z-Inspector. This will allow the owner to see if there are any problems with his property that he would like to address right away.
  • How does the eviction Process work
    The eviction process generally starts on the 11th of each month. There is a list created of people with deliquiate payments. From that list, we call and inform them on that day if not brought in the correct amount of funds we will begin the process. Once that is completed we will post the necessary changes to the tenant's ledger. Then we will bring the paperwork to the attorney's office. once at that point, the paperwork will be filled. The attorney will contact us when the court day is. Once we have gone past the court date there is usually a ten-day period the tenants will have to bring the funds if not they will be locked out.
  • What type of property do we manage
    The type of homes that we manage range from single family homes, duplexes , multifamily homes, condominiums, and townhomes.
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